Award Winning Vegan Mobile Coffee Service In Surrey

Tempting Fresh Coffee and Luscious Cakes
Without Compromise

We are Four Fillies,

Award Winning Vegan Mobile Coffee Service In Surrey

Tempting Fresh Coffee and Luscious Cakes
Without Compromise

Certified Vegan Friendly & Vegan Founded

Fabulous Hot Drinks, Cakes And Desserts -
That Don’t Cost The Earth.

If you’re looking for a fabulous vegan mobile coffee service in Surrey, we think you’ve just found it. You are quite literally, on the right page.

The word is out about ethically-sourced coffee, and gluten-free, plant-based sweet treats.

We are Four Fillies, where there’s NO trade-in on your ethical values for taste.  Or ours.

If you’re new to the idea, we’d invite you to try us out. What you think you already know about mobile catering with a conscience may be about to change. Convinced that people won’t enjoy coffee or tea without “proper” milk? You’ll be amazed. Believe in better. They will. Four Fillies’ plant-based milk range is a match made in heaven for our low-acid coffee beans.

Look out for us. We’re easy to spot, and yes, our unusual Four Fillies trailer horsebox used to be an actual horsebox, so we’ll be a fun talking point wherever we are.

Yes - We're Award-Winning!

We have a Vegan Choice Award – the most prestigious award in the vegan industry, and we’re as proud as punch. Go – us.

This amazing accreditation is pretty significant. 

Why?  Because it recognises that Four Fillies meets the Vegan Choice Awards’ super-strict  standards – and believe us, they’re pretty tough. As they should be, really. Ultimately, it means that we’ve passed – with flying colours no less – their rigorous judging criteria so that you can have complete faith and total confidence in us.

It’s a mark of trust, quality and distinction, a bit like a Kitemark or the ISO benchmarks that businesses go for. For you, this means that you can buy our lovely food and hot drinks, knowing that Four Fillies is a one hundred percent Vegan operation.   

We recognise that you share our convictions and beliefs and as our customers, you mean everything to us.

Vegan Mobile Coffee Service In Surrey.
We Are Four Fillies

Available for:


Corporate Events

Wellness Events



Or, for where a greener approach could fit the bill. Likewise, where something different is a perfect opportunity to change things up a bit.
Four Fillies sells to vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. Everyone is welcome.
We’re based in Surrey, but if you’re further afield do get in touch.

What We Do

We’re as passionate about excellent coffee, tea and cakes as you are.

We serve hand-crafted, ethically sourced barista coffee, fine speciality teas, and lush, mouth-wateringly delicious vegan cakes and desserts from our horsebox trailer. Our selection is high-standard, yet at a surprisingly affordable price.

Naked coffees, such as Espresso or Americano

Frothy coffees, including Cappuccino, or Flat-White

Decaf coffee, for when you want less of a buzz

Speciality teas – an incredible selection of carbon-neutral and organic teas, from “Bird and Blend” in Brighton.  What’s your choice? Herbal, Rooibos, Oolong, the list is (almost) endless.

Coffee Blend, delicious, and fresh; your new addiction. Our ground-breaking blends complement the wonderful plant-based milk alternatives that we use.

Cakes – vegan, gluten-free cakes, including chocolate brownies, raspberry and almond loaves, and doughnuts. And, check out our pumpkin-spiced flapjacks in the Autumn, along with loads of yummy seasonal specials. Everything is as local as possible, and we always work with suppliers whose values match ours.

Our cups are ALL compostable and biodegradable. Each one has a sticker on the lid thanking customers for supporting small businesses. With Four Fillies, we are guaranteed cruelty-free. You know, as do we, that no animal ever needs to suffer, or be exploited. So, with Four Fillies, nothing comes from any living creature. You can be sure of our cruelty-free approach each and every time.

Why We're Different

Four Fillies is the first-of-its-kind barista mobile coffee service in the UK to be Vegan Founded AND certified as Vegan Friendly.
And that’s how we plan to continue. To meet these organisations’ exacting standards, our mission statement, ethics, sourcing practices, and recycling aims have to meet – and carry on meeting -  their measures and principles. It’s a promise we made, and one that we keep.

We Stand By Our Values

Not to put too fine a point on it, there is no Planet B.


Equally, we strongly believe that we share our planet with animals, and that none should be harmed, just to provide us with a coffee. And, that we can deliver taste, satisfaction and quality just as effectively by eliminating the unnecessary suffering that is the fate of so many innocent animals.


We have one world, finite resources, and one last chance to get it right. We can’t get back what we lose. Once it’s gone, it really is gone. Here at Four Fillies, we think that the words “do no harm” apply, or should apply, to all of us. Therefore, even small, low-impact changes – to how we live and work, can make all the difference.


Health is wealth. Evidence increasingly shows us that the adoption of a plant-based diet could boost our wellbeing, increase our energy levels and give us the quality of life that we need, and deserve.

We’re Camilla and Rebecca. As you can tell, not all vegan mobile coffee services in Surrey – or elsewhere, are the same. We’re lucky enough to do something we love – and we love what we do. We hope that you will too.

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