About Us

Our imaginations were sparked at a festival where we wanted to see more healthy treats for us and our children ... and so began Four Fillies and our journey sourcing exceptionally high quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate from local, artisan companies, and designing our own delicious tray bakes that cater for sugar-free, vegan and gluten-free folk.

Our Ethos

Proper coffee - source the best ingredients, prepare with passion and keep it real.  It's not just about the coffee, we have wonderful teas and hot chocolates too, but coffee is a big part of what we are and it exemplifies our ethos.  No automatic grinders, tampers or timed espresso machines; just watch, listen, taste and smell.


Proper food - home-made not processed food using natural ingredients that are full of nutrition.  We are learning all we can about nutrition and how it can help to keep us fit and well and we are continuously developing recipes that are free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten.  Many people follow diets for different reasons and our aim is to respect and cater for these.


Proper service - we smile because what we do makes us happy.  It's a bit of a cliche, but sometimes it's just a smile that makes a big difference ... you feel welcomed, connected and it's contagious.  We put thought into our service and make sure that visiting Four Fillies is a great experience.


What we do so well:

- Exceptional ingredients - We have sourced exceptionally high-quality ingredients from local companies that share our values.


- Compostable cups/lidsOur cups, lids, bin bags, gloves ... well everything we serve and use is compostable.


- Special diets - We serve our own home-made tray bakes that cater for a whole range of tastes and diets including vegan, gluten/sugar free and use organic milk + plant milks.


- So stylish - Our beautiful vintage horse trailer has been converted by recycling and is immaculately clean.


- Outstanding service with a smileCustomer service is hugely important to us :)


- Reliable & professional - We pride ourselves in providing a professional service


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