About our drinks


So let's start with coffee ... espresso, americano, short black, flat white, cappuccino, latte, and mocha ...


Our main roast is 100% Arabica which is our most popular but we always have freshly roasted decaffeinated (by a natural sparkling water process) beans available and for vegan events we serve Udderly Dairy Free, a blend roasted specifically to compliment plant milks.  How do we make such great coffee?  Our beans are always freshly roasted by Mark at Winchester Coffee Roasters and used within 5 weeks of roasting so they are always at their best. We've been Barista trained to know how to make sure the coffee tastes perfect.  At the start of each day, we set our grinders to make sure the extraction is the perfect time and gives the perfect quantity and crema. 


And on to tea ... from the award-winning Tea Mixologists in Brighton's buzzing lanes, we have a range of teas with exciting flavours.  As well as the Great British Cuppa and Earl Grey, we will tempt you with Mojitea, Morning Kick and our tea library selection!


And finally, our luxury hot chocolates.  We have spent a lot of time developing our hot chocolates to make sure they have the luxury feel while containing only natural ingredients; cocao powder, maple syrup and vanilla.  Our gourmet marshmallows are hand-made by Belinda Clark based in Winchester; they're light and fluffy and come in raspberry, salted caramel and coconut using natural flavours.  We always carry vegan marshmallows too :)


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