Granola Recipe

Up for our 'Bake and Take' challenge?  Bake this simple and nutritious granola then take a photo or comment on our social media sites showing you enjoying your own home-made granola!  


These are great for lunches, picnics and parties as well as a healthy snack when you get home from work or break them up to sprinkle on yoghurt or eat as a cereal.  Enjoy foodies x


  1. preheat oven on a medium heat and line a shallow baking tray with paper
  2. weigh out 200g oats (I use gluten free) and massage in 3 tablespoons of rapeseed or coconut oil
  3. place in a baking tray and bake for 15 minutes - stir half way through to avoid the oats around the edge burning 
  4. chop or blend 150g nuts (I use almond) and add these to the oats along with 50g of seeds (I use 25g sunflower and 25g pumpkin) and 25g puffed rice (the natural rice puffs you can buy from a health food shop - I've used puffed oats before too and they're lovely)
  5. mix them all up and bake in the tray again for 5 mins
  6. finally add 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon, 25g of dried fruit (optional, I add saltanas), 30g desiccated coconut and 10g chia seeds and mix them in to the tray ingredients - set aside while you melt the next ingredients
  7. place 50g coconut oil and 150g maple sytrup (or you can use agave syrup or honey) in a wide pan on a low heat and let them melt together but not bubble.  then pour the tray ingredients into the melted mixture and stir well until the dry ingredients are coated
  8. pour back into the tray and press down reasonably firmly so the ingredients bind and the bake cuts well later.  bake for roughly 18 minutes, turning half way through so it bakes evenly.  the granola should be a golden brown, not too light or too dark.  leave to cool at room temperature then slice and keep in an air tight container
  9. eat, enjoy and share (optional!)
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